some common questions that might solve your problem

  • How do I know if the battery is being maintained?
    • The LED in the cigarette lighter plug will only begin to illuminate if it has both power into it through the USB connection and a battery connected on the other end.  The LED will continue to glow dimly after it has been removed from the battery while power is still supplied from USB.
  • How do I know if my cigarette lighter socket is always on?
    • Most of the time, these power sockets are used to charge cell phones or other devices.  If your device stops charging when the key is removed, it is NOT always on and you will need to add a socket to enable continuous battery maintenance.
  • For my indoor application, should I run the USB cable through a crack in the window or through the door jam?
    • It is much better to run the cable through the window crack than risk breaking the cable in the door jam.  We recommend looping the extension cable several times around the steering wheel to avoid pulling the Battery Saver out of the cigarette lighter socket accidentally.
  • I tend to leave my Battery Saver plugged in.  Is that ok?
    • Yeah!  We do too.  If you just plan to plug it back in why take it out?  You won't damage the Battery Saver by leaving it plugged in all the time.  You'll be ready to rock just by laying the solar panel out on the dash.