Philosophy of Use

The Solar Panel

Regardless of what vehicle or battery you intend to charge, you are paying good money for a solar panel - so why not make it work for you at other times?  It is our belief that the solar panel should do more than sit around.  Why not unplug it for a few days and take it camping, out on the water, or hiking with you?  This will help you to keep the phone or gps charged up so you're always able to make that emergency call or find your location wherever you are.

With all these use cases, it is important to remember that the solar panel is an electronic device and should not be left outside to the mercy of the elements.  Mr Charge acknowledges the superiority of nature and has designed the system to work inside the vehicle away from nature's worst.

Outdoor Vehicles

If you're like us, you have something with a battery outside that needs taken care of or eventually you'll be like us - searching for a way to jump-start the thing.  For you that might be a truck in the driveway, an RV in a lot, a boat trolling battery, or maybe even a tractor parked in a field.  These are all common situations where we expect that the battery is going to be able to survive until we use it again (even if we don't know when exactly that will be.)

We've also been the executive leaving the car parked in long-term parking, or at the dealership waiting for the sales rep to jump-start the vehicle before driving it over to meet us, maybe managing a fleet of inventory sitting outside that will eventually need driven somewhere with the possibility it just won't start... you name it and we've been there.

Adding the solar battery saver to whichever vehicle situation hits home with you is exactly what we had in mind when we created it.

Indoor vehicles

If it's not outside, it's inside.  Many of us have parked cars, motorcycles, boats, or RVs that are all waiting for the chance to emerge in spring.  If this is you, you are probably familiar with the ritual of attempting to fire it up only to discover that winter has taken its toll on your precious ride.  To add insult to injury, this often occurs with a "battery maintainer" plugged in - only that "maintainer" has been boiling off your battery's electrolyte all winter causing permanent damage.  The intelligent adapter cable that is provided with all Mr Charge products (indoor or out) carefully maintains your lead acid battery all year long preventing this type of failure.